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Has this happened to any other parents out there??

I walk into the living room to find Kaden teetering on top of the ottoman, dangerously close to falling into the bookshelves, while Trey is poised across the room from him about to nail him with a balloon or ball of some sort.

Me: HEY!?! Kaden! Sit down! TREY?!

Trey: What?

Me: What??? You mean, the sight of Kaden standing on that ottoman ready to take a ball to the face didn’t strike you as the least bit dangerous (or stupid).

Trey: Eh… he’s a boy.

Me: We are also his parents and our job is to at least try to keep our kids from needing to visit the E.R.

Trey: Not it’s not… that’s not in the Bible.

Me: (incredulous silence)

Trey: He’s fine. He’s having fun.

Me: Yeah, until he takes down that side table with his face and takes a lamp to the head.

Trey: Eh… he’s tough. What are the chances of that happening?

Me: I give up. I’m tired of scolding him (and you) today.

Trey: Me too.  That’s why I’m just not.


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