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I think I have decided to go with a pale yellow paint color in the nursery, after trying out the colors in the picture below.  I think the two yellows on the wall are too bright/loud and I’m going to try one that’s a shade or two lighter.  And I think the tan is a little boring?  But please give me your advice and opinions!! I seriously feel like a blind monkey in a corn maze who had a few drinks before doing the dizzy bat competition and then was set loose… when it comes to decorating. Help!!

And here’s a picture of the belly at 29 weeks and 1 day last Saturday (you can see the paint colors in the background):

Tomorrow I’ll be 30 weeks (insert silent scream and bug eyed expression).  Trey and I are going to birthing class on Saturday with my friend from work and her husband… I’m sure there’ll be some good blogging material to come 🙂 8 hours of “hee-hee-hoo-hoo-ing”… ?? The fun is just beginning folks.


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29 Week Update

As of today I’m 29 weeks pregnant and feeling great!!  I had a dr’s appt this week and the mid-wife said I seem to be having a remarkably smooth pregnancy.  My glucose test results came back and my sugar levels looked great which means I don’t have gestational diabetes (yay!!).  The heartbeat sounded good and strong and when the mid-wife felt around my belly she guessed that he’s head down and could even tell his back was along the left side of my belly and his arms/legs were facing out the right side (where he was kicking).  She also guessed he weighs between 3 and 3 1/2 pounds right now.  Really the only annoyance/ache I’ve been having is occasional lower back pain, but it doesn’t slow me down for the most part.  Getting out of bed is starting to take some careful maneuvering and a heave-ho motion.  Now that Trey’s home he can push me up to a sitting position when I get stuck half-way through the sit-up… which happens. I mean, really? I’ve never felt more like a beached whale.

After Trey was gone for 2 weeks he didn’t think my belly looked noticeably different/bigger but he’s able to see/feel the baby moving soooo much more now than when he left.  He was shocked last night when he got home to be able to feel a big ol butt or something poking out the side of my belly– and even more shocked that when he pushed on it the other end of the baby started protruding out of the other side of my belly. It’s crazy to think that while Trey was gone our son probably gained a pound (which is a lot when you only weigh 3 pounds).

Now that I can’t see my feet anymore, I’m starting to get a little nervous about the fact that this baby still has 2 1/2 months left of fattening up to do.  He’s almost reached his full height and from here on out supposedly just fattens up.  But when I start thinking about how big I already feel, and then the fact that he could put on 5 more pounds…?!?!  That’s when I get a little concerned about how there could possibly be room for him to grow that much bigger!? That’s also when I think about going for a walk and getting some exercise.  I usually don’t get much farther than thinking about it though… Thank goodness it’s the thought that counts!

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Raging Wife?

Houston we have a problem… one of the internet searches that led someone to my blog was “Raging Wife.”  This means one of two things…

1) I need to stop blogging about the embarrassing things pregnancy hormones have made me do (notice, I take no blame here!).

2) Perhaps I have become a pregnant raging wife? Ahem… popsicle kicking?

I asked Trey if he was by any chance the poor man who googled “Raging Wife” but he swears it wasn’t him.  What is this guy hoping to find? 10 Steps to turning your raging wife into a sweet, loving cherubim?  Good luck buddy.

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Piece by piece

So excited about my latest find for the slowly developing owl nursery:

This is not our room, but I bought the wall decal.

The colors match perfectly and  I had been toying with the idea of trying to find/paint some sort of tree for the wall with the owl pictures.  I will probably put it in a different place than with the framed owl prints, but I love it!!

I’ve now tried blue and tan paint samples on the wall and that’s just not going to work.  So my next plan is to try a light yellow/tan color that will be a nice neutral to allow the furniture and owl prints to jump off the wall, while still giving the room a warmer, cozier feeling.

As each week passes I get a little more anxious about how much work there is left to do… and now at 28 1/2 weeks it feels like we are nearing the end of this incredible, overwhelming, exciting, nerve-wracking, hormone-wrecking, basket-case making  journey.  This baby boy is getting bigger and stronger by the day and keeps me constantly preoccupied with his acrobatics.  I find myself day-dreaming about what he’ll look like, what it will feel like to be a mother, watching Trey become a father… there’s really no time left for much else.  🙂  But you don’t come here and read this for my sappy moments…

We are still undecided on a name but are slowly narrowing down the top-runners that we somewhat agree on.  Most of the time, we have completely different ideas about what our son’s name should be.  Here’s an actual conversation we had about names (and I swear I’m being completely unbiased):

Kelly: Can we please talk seriously about names?

Trey: I’m always serious.

K: Yeah, ok. Well I still like Kaden a lot.  Kade sounds like such a strong name. Kaden Mayfield…

T: My friends think Kaden sounds like Gayden… I’m off the Kaden train.

K: Oh, real mature. Ok, my second favorite is Caleb.

T: Eh, that’s ok. What about Teddy?

K: Teddy? Like Teddy Ruxpin? Are you nuts?

T: Or Teddy Roosevelt, one of the greatest presidents.

K: (eye roll and eyebrow raise)

T: Seriously!!

K: You’re seriously weird. Let’s talk about something else.

While Trey and I are usually from different planets, he’s only been in Europe for the past week and a half (and will be gone two weeks total) and I’m soooo ready for him to come home.  Yelling out incorrect answers while watching Jeopardy is not nearly as much fun alone.  Being married is freaking awesome. Even when you are married to someone who likes the name Teddy Dewey Mayfield.

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Thank you and Owl Mobile

Thank you thank you thank you for all the comments on my last post about paint colors.  You guys know way more than I do about colors/decorating and now we have LOTS of different ideas to play with.  I’m going this weekend to buy some paint samples of a couple of different yellows, or 3 walls in a light tan and one wall (behind the crib?) in a brighter color (orange or green or yellow?).  I’m also now toying with the idea of putting up a chair rail or wainscoting…  needless to say, Grandpa P-Diddy won’t be painting this weekend- too many new ideas to decide between.

Also– check out this owl mobile I found online that would look adorable in the room!!!  Bad news is, it’s $80… seriously??  And I’m not crafty enough to be able to make it myself.  Oh well. Still cute, huh?

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