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I think I have decided to go with a pale yellow paint color in the nursery, after trying out the colors in the picture below.  I think the two yellows on the wall are too bright/loud and I’m going to try one that’s a shade or two lighter.  And I think the tan is a little boring?  But please give me your advice and opinions!! I seriously feel like a blind monkey in a corn maze who had a few drinks before doing the dizzy bat competition and then was set loose… when it comes to decorating. Help!!

And here’s a picture of the belly at 29 weeks and 1 day last Saturday (you can see the paint colors in the background):

Tomorrow I’ll be 30 weeks (insert silent scream and bug eyed expression).  Trey and I are going to birthing class on Saturday with my friend from work and her husband… I’m sure there’ll be some good blogging material to come 🙂 8 hours of “hee-hee-hoo-hoo-ing”… ?? The fun is just beginning folks.


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Thank you and Owl Mobile

Thank you thank you thank you for all the comments on my last post about paint colors.  You guys know way more than I do about colors/decorating and now we have LOTS of different ideas to play with.  I’m going this weekend to buy some paint samples of a couple of different yellows, or 3 walls in a light tan and one wall (behind the crib?) in a brighter color (orange or green or yellow?).  I’m also now toying with the idea of putting up a chair rail or wainscoting…  needless to say, Grandpa P-Diddy won’t be painting this weekend- too many new ideas to decide between.

Also– check out this owl mobile I found online that would look adorable in the room!!!  Bad news is, it’s $80… seriously??  And I’m not crafty enough to be able to make it myself.  Oh well. Still cute, huh?

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